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Bitpush Terminal is developed for crypto traders and analysts who follow the cryptocurrencies' prices and news.

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The latest price and news of more than 11000 cryptocurrencies, the powerful chart and the individual portfolio features.

Real-Time Prices

Bitpush Terminal provides real-time updates on thousands of cryptocurrency prices.

News On Charts

Bitpush Terminal presents cryptocurrency news on price charts, helping users to analyze market behavior more visually.

Crypto Wiki

Bitpush Terminal provides the most comprehensive database of crypto projects, companies and key players.

Asset Portfolio

Bitpush Terminal provides a personal asset portfolio feature that allows users to easily manage their investments in cryptocurrencies.

Email & Chat

Users can use Bitpush Terminal to chat, ask the chat robot "Jack" about the real-time price of the cryptocurrency or send emails to other users.

Customized News Alert

Bitpush Terminal will notify you when we have the latest news that you have subscribed.

Start using the powerful, comprehensive and professional Bitpush Terminal! It will help you get fast and accurate crypto market data and news! Please choose a plan that fits your needs.

Frequestly Asked Questions

How can I view information about a particular cryptocurrency?

In Bitpush Terminal, you can access the cryptocurrency page by entering the full name or ticker of the cryptocurrency in the command line.

How can I view news in Bitpush Terminal?

In Bitpush Terminal, you can view news about a cryptocurrency by entering NEWS on the cryptocurrency page.

How can I use charts for analysis in Bitpush Terminal?

You can use charts for analysis on Bitpush Terminal by entering CHART on the cryptocurrency page.

How can I chat with other users on Bitpush Terminal?

You can chat with other users and the robot Jack by typing CHAT in the command line in Bitpush Terminal.

How can I manage my crypto assets through Bitpush Terminal?

You can manage your crypto assets by typing PORT on the command line in Bitpush Terminal.

How to use Bitpush Terminal with shortcut keys?

Bitpush Terminal can be quickly operated by using the F1 to F12 shortcut keys, please enter HELP command in the command line.